Vision Brass Ensemble

Bringing God’s message through music  


Vision Brass Ensemble was formed in 2001. It was initially a “one off” venture as a group of Salvationist musicians responded to an invite from the Salvation Army in the South West of England. Since then the group has been firmly established as it accepted invitations to perform in various other parts of the UK, carrying out approximately 6-10 engagements each year.

The group has travelled extensively and has thoroughly enjoyed this avenue of service, performing a mix of army, sacred and secular music in concerts, festivals, open-air concerts, “cabaret-style” evenings and even playing at the opening of the new International Headquarters of the Salvation Army. People often remark that Vision Brass seems to be equally at home playing to “an Army” audience or to non-Christians. As a group, Vision Brass aims to provide the finest in Brass music as well as entertaining and interacting with their audience. But above all, they aim for their concerts to be a worship experience.

Our vision is to spread God’s message through a unique blend of music and worship.


Vision Brass Recording

“Amazing Grace” - January 2007

Vision Brass performing at the opening of the Salvation Army’s new International Headquarters

Vision Brass Ensemble

2013 Diary

March 3rd             Bristol Easton SA

March 16th           Prescott SA

November 22nd   Stafford Choral Society

2014 Diary

February 15th      TBC

June 14th             Derby SA

September 13th   Coadpoeth SA

If you would like the Vision Brass Ensemble to play at your corps/church, please contact us at

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phone: 07801 274694


Following the huge success of the album “Amazing Grace”, Vision Brass recorded their 2nd album in 2010.  The CD “In HIs Joyful Service” is available NOW.  CLICK HERE to order your copy of In His Joyful Service.

Vision Brass Ensemble

Amazing Grace

We still have a few copies of our debut CD “Amazing Grace” available.  You can purchase this CD from the 4barsrest website, from any of our concerts or by emailing us using the link below.  “Amazing Grace” is priced at £10 +P&P.

Vision Brass

Ayr, Scotland - April 2009

Vision Brass

Colston Hall, Bristol - November 2009